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Finally a Lifestyle for the Millennials is Born

Who we are....
Katooga.PH Inc. or otherwise known as Katooga.PH is a non-stock non-profit corporation solely established to promote tourism and discovery, limited not only to the Philippines but to the whole world as well.

Why the name Katooga.PH....
Katooga is a coined term from the local Filipino language, KAkain (Dining), TOO or Tutulog (Sleep) and GAgala (Roam).  So our goal is to show our readers the Hows, and Where to go to on matters that we believe interests them.. So expect to see Dining, Hotel, Resorts, DIY Travels and Lifestyle things in our magazine.

Our Logo....
It denotes a tag or location pointer.  We hope to use this on a map of the areas we have gone and made a story about.

Our Goal....
To bring to you, our readers, food, travel and things that would appeal to you.  Be it lifestyle, technology, fashion, we will bring these to you.  We hope that through our magazine, you are among us in our journey to tourism, dining, travel and lifestyle.  We would like you to join us in our adventures as well.

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We like to know more about you.  Please do email us at  Hoping to hear from you soon.

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